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We asked our customers to come forward and share their hyperhidrosis story and their experience with Dermadry!
Read what they had to say and look at their before and after photos below to see how Dermadry is changing lives!



Angelos, Greece
Before getting this device I had a big problem with my sweaty hands all day long, especially during school examinations (I would rip through the paper because it was wet) and social gatherings. It became 
unbearable. Now, I can write on paper comfortably and without it sticking to my hand, and greet my acquaintances without being ashamed. Many thanks to Dermadry for this very useful device.

Basil, Canada
Thanks to Dermadry, I can finally:
Shake my colleagues’ hands without feeling embarrassed.
Hold my girlfriend’s hands without shame or fear of her dumping me for my sweaty hand. 
Write my notes by hand without the fear of soaking through the paper or getting it stuck to my palms.
High-five and create secret handshakes with my friends without the fear of excessive sweating.
Wear a dress shirt to work without leaving intense sweat stains that are difficult to remove.
Hold my phone in my palm without having it slip out every instance
And finally…
I can finally feel normal.

Diana, Phillipines
Dermadry is such a big help for me and all those people who suffer from hyperhidrosis, gosh! I’ve suffered from this problem since high school. To be honest, I never imagined there actually being a 
solution for this! I seldom held the hands of my ex-boyfriend because I felt ashamed, and he was always complaining about this. And whenever I met someone new, I couldn’t shake hands because they were always wet. I remember wearing gloves when taking the board exam for my license because I was afraid that the machine that checks the test paper might reject it because it was wet! I couldn’t even wear sandals in public because my feet were sweating too It was so annoying!! Thanks to Dermadry, I can now do the things that I never could before. These are my photos after 3 weeks of treatment!
Drussila, Singapore
Living with palmar hyperhidrosis for almost my entire life could be very disturbing and discouraging in many ways. Those who are not in the same situation as we are will never understand our frustration and 
the inconveniences that we face. I am glad that I came across Dermadry which is a non-invasive and effective treatment. After using it for a while, I've seen improvement in my hyperhidrosis condition. I’ve gained more confidence and I can grab anything I want without feeling scared of leaving sweat stains on the surface. Also, my feet are less smelly nowadays because of reduced sweat. I can now draw and colour without smudging the artworks. I can shake people’s hands without feeling awkward. I can wear the shoes that I like without worrying it will get soiled with my sweat and the shoes are no longer slippery! It just feels great in every aspect of my life. Thank you Dermadry!

Farah, UK
Thank you so much for helping me be more confident and being myself and at work. For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from palmar hyperhidrosis. It became a huge part of my life, which almost 
controlled what I did day-to-day and it was always at the front of my mind. From being self-conscious of shaking hands with people to holding a boy's hand! Not being able to write without wetting the paper I rested my hands on was the worst! I am currently a doctor working for the NHS in the UK. It has not been easy for me, as a huge part of my job is examining patients, doing tasks which demand wearing gloves, all of which require my hands. From making excuses to patients about my hands being wet due to the alcohol hand gel to washing my hands more than 10 times an hour at work. It has been exhausting! Last year I tried iontophoresis offered by the NHS. It was a huge commitment that required me to take time out of work for appointments and visit a specialist hospital that offered the service. It became impossible to commit to it, so, unfortunately, I had to stop only after a few sessions. I did, however, notice some difference and I knew if I continued this would definitely help me. Since then I came across Dermadry and was super excited by the idea of having the device at home! This provided me with the flexibility to do the sessions at any time when convenient at home. It's totally changed my life and I cannot be more grateful. It is probably the best thing I have ever done for myself! So again thank you so much, you are helping a lot of people worldwide.
Felisa, Philippines
Since I was a high school student, I have been suffering from excessive sweating even if it is cold. I have tried many different products but none of them helped me. It caused me so much stress because I was 
hopeless to find a solution. I could not wear my favorite colors and different styles of clothes because of worrying that my friends and other people will notice my sweat. That is until I found Dermadry. After two months of using it regularly, the sweat has vanished. Now I only used it once a month or if I notice sweat patches under my shirt. I am very happy and satisfied with my purchase. For me, this is the best method for hyperhidrosis treatment. The photo below shows what color of shirts I can wear before and after using Dermadry. Thank you so much Dermadry for helping and changing the lives of many who suffer from excessive sweating.

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This is a great option for those who want to treat sweating at home. I know so many people suffer from hyperhidrosis, but there’s no need to stress because treatment is available. There is a lot of research that has proven that iontophoresis is an effective method for treating hyperhidrosis!
If you’re someone who suffers from excessive sweating then Dermadry’s iontophoresis machine might just be the solution for you!

Dermadry has really changed my life for the better. I’m more outgoing now and no longer afraid of social situations. I started a new job since beginning my Dermadry treatments and I’m just so excited to shake everyone’s hand as I’m no longer embarrassed about my sweaty hands!
Dermadry is so sophisticated—I didn’t really have to do anything, I just sat there and watched TV and the machine took care of the entire treatment!

Dermadry is the best investment I’ve ever made in my life! I’ve tried so many other treatments before, including four other iontophoresis machines, antiperspirants, and injections, and I think Dermadry is the best.
If you’ve been living with hyperhidrosis for some time, you know how annoying it can be to always choose your clothing to hide your sweat stains. Ever since I discovered Dermadry, I can now wear clothes that I hadn’t worn in a really long time!

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