Dermadry Unboxing and Review

By Sam Nardi / Jul 09, 20
Dermadry Team


Stefanie suffers from axillary (underarm) hyperhidrosis, which causes her to sweat all the time, no matter the weather, situation, or her level of activity. We reached out to her and had her test out Dermadry and document her sweat-free journey. After trying out various antiperspirants and getting mixed results, she was looking for a cost-effective and natural solution that would provide long-lasting results so she could get sweating off her mind. Over the last four weeks, she has been using Dermadry to treat her excessive sweating.

Below is her unboxing video for the Dermadry Total, as well as her one-month results update featuring feedback and her honest opinion on the use of the Dermadry Total to treat her excessive underarm sweating. Learn more about her journey to getting her sweating under control by watching the videos, or reading the transcripts. She will be releasing a 6-month update video near the end of the year, so stay tuned for another update!

Dermadry Total Unboxing Video 



Hi, YouTube friends. It's Stefanie here. It has definitely been a while since I last uploaded a video and I am back today to talk to you about an issue that I've been dealing with since I was about 15 years old, and that is my hyperhidrosis. So what is hyperhidrosis? Basically, it means that I sweat excessively for like no reason at all.

I can just be sitting at my desk, minding my own business and I check under my arms and they're completely pit stained no matter what deodorant I use, it can be any of the clinical strength, all that jazz., it just doesn't work. It doesn't alleviate anything from me having to deal with hyperhidrosis for at least the last 15 years of my life. How can I put this gently? It’s very inconvenient, actually. You know what? It just straight up sucks. It really does. It makes shopping very impossible. I don't want to spend a lot of money on shirts because I'm very worried I'm going to damage them with my pit stains. Now, when I have shirts, I'm really, really conscious about how often I wear them, especially my nicer dressier shirts because I really don't want to permanently stain them because of my armpits.

And about a year and a half ago, when I last uploaded videos I reviewed another product called zero sweat, which was a great product to help alleviate my hyperhidrosis, but it would only last about a week to 10 days. And I'm really looking for more of a permanent solution that doesn't really cost me a fortune.

I have looked into the laser treatment option, but that costs a couple of grand. And really at this point, I would just like something not as expensive. Well, recently I have been researching some options and I came across a product called Dermadry, which is a machine and a company based out of Montreal, Quebec, which is only about five to six hours away from where I live here in Toronto.

So that's great. So I was researching, looking on the website, everything looks really cool. I had really started thinking about getting the product and then lo and behold, the miracle of miracles. Dermadry reached out to me and asked me if I would be interested in trying the machine to do some reviews and write about it on my blog, which you can find the link for down below as well as upload some videos to tell you guys what I think, how, what my feedback is and how the product worked for me.

These are going to be sponsored videos. I'm going to be doing a series of videos on the Dermadry, how I am finding the machine, and whether it's working for me or not. So Dermadry has three different types of machines. They have the Dermadry Total, which is what Dermadry has sent me. And that covers your underarms, your hands and your feet, which is great because sometimes I find my hands get really sweaty. So I think it would be a really cool option to see if it works for my hands. They have the Dermadry just for hands and feet and the Dermadry just for your armpits. So, because there are three different products, the prices range, depending on which one you want to buy based on your needs. So for today's video, I'm going to be doing an unboxing of the Dermadry machine that they have so graciously sent to my house. So let's open this box and see what the goodies are inside. So I went in and grabbed the box. So this is what it looks like for the Dermadry Total, it is an iontophoresis machine. 

It says “treats excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the hands, feet, and underarms”. So inside the Dermadry Total box is the controller, the adapter, the case, two hands and feet electrodes, two underarm electrodes, two cables, two towels, and four pockets. 

It is literally in a to-go case, how convenient is this? Oh my gosh, that's perfect. It's going to make it very easy for me to store somewhere here in my room or in my house for when I need to do it. Okay, so let's open the case and see what we've got. Okay, so I believe these are four pockets that you put the electrodes into, the power adapter, and cables. These are the electrodes, they go into the sleeves here. So these are what power the machine to stimulate what's going on in your armpits. So what makes this different from other treatments is actually water-based rather than using a laser.

So I thought that was really interesting. Here is the controller, this is how it would turn the machine on and off. And I think this button is to figure out what part of the body we're treating. Okay, perfect. So there is an “instructions for use” booklet and it’s in French and English, as they are a Canadian company, mostly based out of Montreal, so primarily French. It's great. It has the intended use, precautions, treatment schedule. It talks about the classification of hands and feet hyperhidrosis and underarm hyperhidrosis, and the different levels. So level one is mild, level two is moderate, and level three is severe. It talks basically in detail about how you determine what your level is.

And then it goes through the treatment schedule. So from what I have heard, I need to do about three to five times a week initially to start. And then on the maintenance phase, it's about one treatment every two to three weeks, just to make sure that everything is still functioning. And then it just goes through all of the products in detail, the controller, how to set up a device, performing the treatment itself, and the difference between using it on your hands and feet and using it on your underarms. It goes through lots of details, so I'm definitely going to have to read through and figure out what level of hyperhidrosis I'm at. So here are, I guess, these are for your feet and your hands, the two towels. So I'm definitely going to have to go more into this, just to figure out all the details I need to use this machine.

I am so excited to try this. I'm really hoping that it works as a more permanent solution for me, because like I said, I'd really like a more permanent solution. And as much as I did enjoy using zero sweat and I thought it worked a lot for me, I did have my issues. This is what the Dermadry Total package looks like. I love that it's in a very convenient carrying case and I can just keep all of the pieces all together so that when I do need to do a treatment, it is all in one spot. That is all for the unboxing of my Dermadry Total machine. 

As I said, I will be updating you maybe in the next week or two, just to talk about my initial set up and my first initial procedures to see how they felt, and what it was like, and go from there. From what I read on reviews and from the company itself, it does take at least one to two weeks before I start to see something, which I totally get. And my body's got to get used to the treatment. It's got to kind of figure out what the heck is going on.

So, I'm excited to see what the initial treatment is like, and I will come back to you when I let you know. So that is all for today's unboxing, thank you for watching, and for checking in, I promise it won't be another 18 months until I upload another video until next time. 

Dermadry 1-Month Results Update Video



Hey there everyone. It's Stefanie, and for today's video, I'm going to be sharing my experience after using my Dermadry Total machine for the last month or so. So if you didn't see it in my last video, Dermadry was so kind enough to send me their Dermadry total machine for me to try out and give my honest feedback, because I have suffered from a condition called hyperhidrosis for the last 15 years. And so what it means is I sweat excessively, even if it's not hot out or I'm not doing strenuous activities, I can just be sitting down and my armpits are like completely soaked, which has always been embarrassing. It's a bit hard to find clothes or to want to go shopping because I know all the clothes get stained. So I'm very picky about doing anything like that. 

So I wanted to try the machine anyway, to see if it would help to alleviate my sweating condition. I'm going to leave all of Dermadry’s information in the description box so you can check out their website. There are three different types of machines, the Dermadry Total, which is what I have, the Dermadry for hands and feet only, and the Dermadry for armpits only. So after I determined what level of sweating I was (I'm a level two) I figured out my schedule based on the book that they sent in the package. So what that meant was that I was going to be doing the initial treatment stage for about two weeks and I was going to do the treatment about three to five times a week. So I just decided to do it every other day for two weeks. And then from there, if I was happy with the result, then I would just go into the maintenance stage, which only required me to do the treatment once a week.

So the way that the machine had to work for me is to have these two little sleeves and what you do is you soak them in tap water and then you take them out. I only squeezed a little bit of water out because you are supposed to have these as wet as possible so that the machine can work. And then once they are wet you stick one of these little electrodes into each sleeve, and then you plug in one of these into the electrode. And then once those are all ready to go, you plug them into the machine, this is the base. And you plug in the plug to the power adapter for it to turn on. The machine does turn on as soon as you plug it in, but it won't start working. First, because I have the Total, you can select which area you're working on. Because if I wanted to, I could also use this for my hands or for my feet.

So default when I turn this on, it's already on the armpit side. So I don't really have to do anything. All I have to do is once I have these ready, electrodes are in, they're plugged in. I stick them under my armpits and I hold the power button for three seconds until a little green light appears, and then I know it's on, and then it'll display a countdown for me so I can check in to see how much time is left. And usually what I do is after I stick them on, I'll put on a TV show or a podcast, and I'll just sit there for 15 minutes because the armpit treatment is only for 15 minutes each time. 

Once my treatment is finished, what you're asked to do is that you have to clean the sleeves and the electrodes, all you have to do is just use soap and water to clean them. These ones don't need too much in terms of cleaning, these are more the concern, and then you let them air dry. And what's great about these is I can use these for up to 30 uses. So this will carry me for probably the next five months or so. And what's freat is that in the Dermadry Total, they send you an additional set of these. I don't know if they do for the underarm ones, I'd assume so. So it basically means that I have the sleeves and then I have a pair for afterward. So I'm good for at least a year in terms of having these for my treatments. And once these are all air-dried. I store them back in the very convenient carrying case that has everything in it.

And then what I like to do is just to keep track of where I'm at in my journey. I have this little usage counter that I check off every time I've done a treatment so that I know these are all good to go still. Right now, I'm in the maintenance phase. So what I do is I just have one night a week where I use the machine again for 15 minutes. I usually like to do it in the evening after I've taken a shower because I'm already in a towel and my underarms are clean—that's very important. You have to make sure there's no deodorant and no cream on your underarms so that the machine can work. Because these pads are so wet, I usually have a towel anyway, so I don't get my clothes wet so that's usually the easiest time. And then once there, once that's done, then I clean these, I put everything away and I'm done for another week. Really nice. It's really low maintenance.  

In terms of results and what I've been finding. So like I said, this is about the fourth or fifth week that I've been using the machine and I really have noticed a significant difference in terms of how much I sweat. Now this time of year is tricky anyway because it's summertime. I don't have central air conditioning in my house. We have portable air conditioners and even my room, I don't really have air conditioning, so it can still be pretty hot. But I have noticed even in those hot days, other parts of my body can be quite sweaty but under my arms is either completely dry or like the tiniest bit sweaty, like nothing compared to what I used to get when I would go out in the summertime. A lot of the times in the summer, I actually avoided wearing t-shirts because I knew I was going to be sweaty and I was going to feel uncomfortable with it.

So in the summertime, I actually usually don't wear t-shirts at all. I usually just stick to tank tops, and even then, because the tank tops do have the part here you'd still see a bit of sweat. So I'm excited to spend the summer and not really be concerned about my underarms and the amount of sweating, but what is really going to be a true test for me in terms of how well this works is when we get to the cooler months because in the cooler months I was still sweating like crazy, even though it was freezing outside.

And that was part of what was so difficult about this. Because I love to, I personally, I love fall. I love fall fashion. And not being comfortable with wearing what I could because I was sweating just plain old sucked. So I'm really excited for when the cooler temperature does come back and I can really test out to see how it works.

I will probably be doing a video for six months. So I started doing this in May, June, so about November, December. I can do another video and we'll see if it still works. So in terms of what it feels like, the closest thing I can equate it to is if anybody's done physiotherapy and you've had those little pads and those little electrodes put on you to stimulate the area, to help the muscle movement.

That's kind of the closest thing, except it's not as painful. The first time I did this, I felt a little bit of tingling. And then once it was finished (the treatment) my underarms tingled for a few minutes, but it wasn't anything drastic or anything. I couldn't handle anything that was uncomfortable.

It's very manageable for pain and just feels like little zaps every once in a while, but nothing that's crazy or unmanageable. So I was very happy about that. I was worried that it would be painful because as much as I did love using the zero sweat, if the armpit hair wasn't long enough, it was very uncomfortable and actually quite painful. Especially because I think there's a bit of chemicals within the zero sweat that helps stop the sweat glands from overreacting. And then even after I would still have to have my armpit hair long, and then afterward I have to shave it and I still would feel sometimes uncomfortable and maybe the day after.

So this has been really nice because it's been much more comfortable and the pain has been far lower than sometimes what I experienced with zero sweat. So that is all for me, for my one month and experience with Dermadry so far, I'm really enjoying it. I can't wait to see what it's like in the upcoming months, especially this summer.

And like I said, into full time, if you would like to see the video for my unboxing of the Dermadry, I will put the link below as well as the link for Dermadry’s website itself. So that is all for me today. Thank you for watching, I hope it was informative and I will see you next time. 


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